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Hi, on this page I detail all of my published works in order of release. This page includes the links to buy the bookss in the United Kingdom and United States.

Ruby Rain (S.O Book 1)

The grass is always greener on the other side. 
Two women will find out just how wrong they both are.
One longs for freedom, the other just wants her loneliness to end. But what will happen to them once those wishes come true and what lengths will they go to have these wishes granted?


Thanatos: An Anthology 

A collection of short stories dealing with suicidal thoughts and in poor decisions motivated by a desire for the "sweet release of death." But in all seriousness, these stories are meant to help people deal with their own suicidal thoughts. All of the profits made by the author shall go to "Mind, the mental health charity."


Oscar was just an ordinary man, but after a horrible accident... He was thrust into a secret society of vampire assassins,werewolf diplomats, ghost doctors, and zombie soldiers.
How will he adjust to his new "life" and for how long will the society remain a secret from the outside world?

Sapphire Sunlight (S.O Book 2)

Dark, hot, unwelcoming. U2PA stands alone as the darkest and worst city in all of the Kingdom.
For 27 Years, the city has been plunged into never-ending darkness.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
The sun may be able to return to the city and Sarah and Octavia are the only ones that can resurrect it.
The only ones that can solve the mystery of where the sun went.
The only ones that can save the city.
It will not be easy but maybe they can do it with the help of some old friends.
Grim: A Novel
The Grim Reaper and the Light Bringer, one to create life and one to end it. These two have had the same role for eons but what will happen when they switch roles. Can the Reaper handle the responsibility of life?

When a birth threatens the lives of many Grim cracks and must live as a human to prove a point. But will he be proved right or wrong?

Is life all beauty and no pain, or is it a depressing walk through a graveyard?
Emerald Executioner (S.O Book 3)
Weddings are supposed to be a time of joy and peace but Sarah and Octavia's wedding kicks off a series of murders done by the "Emerald Executioner" so named for their use of emerald switchblades.

The victims, while varied in class and gender, all have one thing in common... they were all abusers.

Can the newlyweds solve this mystery? Can they find the one that forges these switchblades?
Can they find the Emerald Executioner?
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